Starfield player turns The Eye space station into a brutal zero-g warzone

A screenshot of The Eye space station with corpses floating around outside it.
(Image credit: Bethesda / Hardcoreshot)

One Starfield player is having fun with the game’s zero gravity flying, albeit in a chaotically violent way.

Originally posted to the Starfield subreddit, user Hardcoreshot shared a clip set just outside The Eye space station, showing an all-out battle between countless astronaut Spacers. The game doesn’t normally allow for players to exit their ship in space, nor does it allow for enemies to float around midspace, but Hardcoreshot found their way around Bethesda’s restrictions. 

The player said they used PC console commands to make the interstellar battle possible: “Turn gravity to 0, turn off collision to get out of the map, [then] turn back on… Spawn enemies that hate each other to cause them to fight.” And then, voila, you have yourself a space war. 

Heard y'all like zero G shit. I turned the Eye into a warzone. from r/Starfield

The video shows the epic scale that’s theoretically possible in Starfield, but many commenters were then yearning for more zero-g action in the game proper. “I still don’t understand why they didn’t add space walk since the game supports it,” said one commenter. Another adds the counterpoint that “It’s not real zero-g, the player is just flying with animations that make them look like they’re in zero-g.”

“God I can’t wait for the modding scene to explode for this game,” said another player, “there’s so much potential for space combat and the like.” Starfield already has some extra cool mods available, but the scene should expand when Bethesda implements Creation Kit 2.0 next year.

I love the scale on show, and I love the resulting peace and calm that follows, too. There’s something spooky and contemplative about seeing all those dead Spacers ragdolling around in space. Here’s hoping that Bethesda plays with the zero-g possibilities in Starfield’s upcoming expansion - Shattered Space.

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