Stare down Hell's Highway

Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway (WMV, 16MB)- right click to save

Wednesday 3 May 2006
Prepare your eyes for a barrage of excitement with this first ever trailer for the simply stunning Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway.

Ubisoft's next-gen sequel to the well-crafted tactical shooter is heading straight to PS3 and PC, and now we can finally get a handle on the sort of action we'll be diving into this Christmas.

Hell's Highway parachutes you into World War II's Operation Market Garden, the glorious-but-doomed Allied thrust to cross the Rhine. Baker Company - the squad from previous games - is back on the frontline, and in this video you can see them hosing down Germans who have ambushed the Allied army in a tight village.

Our highlight was the bit where Baker takes out a Nazi hiding behind a heavily loaded washing line after a villager in a nearby window pointed out the enemy position. His bullets tear through the fabric, which ripples and is then brushed aside as the German soldier crumples to the ground. And the bit where the squad peppers a wooden shed with high-powered bullets is brill, too.

Needless to say, we're breathless at the thought of going hands-on with Hell's Highway at next week's E3 show. We might be jumping the gun, but we'd bet that - unlike last year's 'gameplay' footage - this vid is the real thing. Expect our excited words to break across your screen next week.