Stardew Valley player finds a stylish way to save inventory space

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A Stardew Valley player has shared a lesser-known inventory-saving tip that doubles as a fashion accessory. 

Spotted in the Stardew Valley subreddit, one player, aka u/dormantwonderland, has shared a quick tip to let other fans know that you can actually wear the copper pan (usually used to gather ore) on your head. Not only is this a fashionable piece of headwear, but it also doubles up as an inventory-saving hack. 

It’s surprising that this wasn’t a widely known trick before as - just like in the photo shared in the post - it does mention the item’s double functionality in the game’s inventory screen. Several other players in the comments of the post have also replied discussing how surprised they are to only just learn this today. This has also spurred on numerous other Stardew Valley storage tips in the comments. 

quick_tip_you_can_wear_the_copper_pan_as_a_hat_to from r/StardewValley

In other Stardew Valley news, developer ConcernedApe recently revealed that the Stardew Valley 1.6 update is on the way but that "it won't be huge" and will provide mainly support to Stardew Valley's modding community. If you didn't already know, a lot of the developer's time has now moved over to their next game Haunted Chocolatier.

Not much is known about ConcernedApe's next game, all we do know is that Haunted Chocolatier will have NPC "relationships like in Stardew Valley" as well as boss fights in it. The project was initially revealed back in late 2021, and we're still waiting to find out that all-important release date. In fact, some savvy fans believe that they may have spotted a hint towards the release date in one of Haunted Chocolatier's trailers.

Can't get enough of ConcernedApe's games? Here's some good news, Stardew Valley creator is working on another "new project" besides Haunted Chocolatier

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