Stardew Valley meets DnD in this gorgeous farming sim that just launched with 8-player co-op

Sun Haven
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A new and stunning multiplayer farming sim mashes up Stardew Valley and Dungeons & Dragons, and it's proving a winning formula with 91% positive reviews on Steam.

Sun Haven has been charming both farming sim and RPG fans since it first launched in Early Access back in 2021, but now it's out proper with more than 200 new character customization options, new pets, a museum with 225 items to collect, and loads more. As if there wasn't already plenty to do in the Early Access version, there's a hell of a lot more going on in Sun Haven now.

Looking at it with squinted eyes, Sun Haven could easily be mistaken for Stardew Valley DLC, but look closely and you'll see a full-fledged fantasy RPG with dragons, magic - which can be used in combat and for farming - and a main questline with a final boss. That's right, one clear differentiator here is that you can actually beat Sun Haven, whereas Stardew Valley will go on indefinitely, consuming your life for as long as you allow it. Not that I'm complaining, mind.

When you grow restless from all the farming, fishing, crafting, and romancing, you can take on the main quest, which will see you leave the safety of Sun Haven and brave the mythical Elven town of Nel’Vari and the "monster city" of Withergate. Withergate is described as a place covered in unending darkness and with "a bustling nightlife that never ends," and honestly, that sounds like a vibe.

Like Stardew Valley, Sun Haven will also host seasonal events; including new additions like the Music Festival, Summer Barbeque, Halloween, and Winter Festival; where you'll be able to snag special foods, clothes, pets, and furniture sets that you won't find anywhere else.

The romance system is also similar to Stardew Valley's, with one key caveat. Dating is unlocked once you reach 10 hearts with a romanceable character, at which point you can go on dates, culminating in a "spicier" date that takes place when you knock on your lover's door late at night. What I'm trying to say is that Sun Haven sounds considerably more horny than Stardew Valley, so do with that what you will.

Sun Haven is out now on PC via Steam, and a Switch port is also in the works and apparently waiting for the "green light" from Nintendo.

Only time will tell if Sun Haven joins our ranking of the best farming sims out there.

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