Stardew Valley collector's edition for Switch and PC is eco-friendly and eminently displayable

Stardew Valley (opens in new tab) is finally getting a physical release on Switch and PC, and to mark the occasion there's a new collector's edition jam-packed with extra goodies.

Developer Eric Barone announced (opens in new tab) that he's collaborating with Fangamer on the physical release, which includes a standard and collector's edition. I don't usually spring for premium editions of games, but this might be an exception.

The Stardew Valley collector's edition for Switch and PC includes a gorgeous six-piece standee made from "responsibly-sourced birch and cherry wood," an eco-friendly wooden lapel pin, a 14-page Junimo comic, a deed to your farm, a collector's edition box, a cleaning cloth, and a limited-time poster for pre-orders made before August 15.

"The woods used for the standee and lapel pin are never harvested faster than they grow, preserving the supply and original character of the woodlands," reads the collector's edition product page. The physical release also uses "minimal plastic." 

You can pre-order the bundle or standalone game for Switch ($69) or PC ($64), and orders start shipping November 6. For the price, the collector's edition seems like a good value for fans of the game with some shelf space to fill.

The Switch and PC physical edition comes patched up to 1.4, which is the most updated version of the game. Update 1.4 (opens in new tab) launched last November and included a massive list of additions like a new spouse event. Update 1.5 doesn't have a firm release date yet, but it's looking like a big one. We reported (opens in new tab) earlier this month about Barone teasing a "significant piece of new end-game content" coming in the new update.

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Jordan Gerblick

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