Stardew Valley's next update adds "significant" end-game content

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Stardew Valley's next update is a big'un. Developer Eric Barone teased the new content in a Twitter post on Monday, promising "a significant new piece of end-game content and much more."

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No word yet on what exactly is coming in update 1.5, but the addition of a new door behind the counter in Willy's shop might be a hint. One thing we do know is that banana trees are coming because the community voted for them, so give yourself a hearty pat on the back if you were involved in that very important vote.

The wide-ranging update 1.4, which went live in November, added a massive amount of new content including a new spouse event. Previous updates were of similar scope, so we can expect 1.5 to be a seismic event with plenty of big changes and smaller mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Back in March, Barone confirmed that on top of the countless little "secrets" that have already been found - which include clever little details as well as more complex things like the Galaxy Sword - there are still some Stardew Valley secrets sitting around players have yet to find.

As for what's next for Barone, we know another game in the Stardew Valley universe is in the works, but it won't focus on farming. Better yet, there's another game the developer is working on that isn't fully conceptualized yet, but will connect to Stardew Valley in some way.

And if you just can't get enough of that farming life, here are some games like Stardew Valley to keep you occupied.

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