Stardew Valley still has secrets no one's discovered, says ConcernedApe

(Image credit: Eric Barone)

Stardew Valley is a game full of secrets waiting to be discovered, and according to the game's creator, some of them are still waiting.

Concerned Ape (aka Eric Barone), replied to a fan on Twitter asking if Stardew Valley still had any undiscovered secrets. "I think this is currently true, yea," Barone wrote.

One of the many secrets Barone buried into Stardew Valley include the ConcernedApe logo on the intro screen, which ditches the sunglasses and opens its eyes when clicked. Or if you type "ConcernedApe" as your favorite thing in character creation, you'll get some new text when you use a StarDrop.

Some of the secrets are far more complex, which lends credence to the notion that not all of them have been discovered. As our sister site PC Gamer points out, getting the Galaxy Sword requires a laundry list of obscure steps that could take ages to get right without a guide.

Stardew Valley is getting another free update soon, only months after the massive 1.4 update launched in November with a ton of new stuff. There's a good chance 1.5 will add even more secrets to Stardew Valley that we'll be digging after for months, if not years to come.

It was announced in February that Barone was working on another game in the Stardew universe, and despite his best efforts to contain the hype, the GamesRadar team can't stop pondering the possibilities for a Stardew Valley sequel.

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