Star Wars warps into next-gen

Tuesday 12 September 2006
The next generation of Star Wars games has been revealed by developer LucasArts in this incredible concept trailer and artwork.

The footage gives us a glimpse of the sort of Force-powered action planned for the new Star Wars title, which will be released exclusively for next-gen consoles. Tap the movies tab above to see the eye-opening footage, or take a peek at the early artwork in the images gallery.

Though this is pre-rendered footage rather than in-game action, LucasArts claims that its team is "well on the way to making the final product look as good as - maybe even better than - what you see in the video". And with the developer's exciting tech experiments in other titles, like the new Indiana Jones game, we reckon next-gen Star Wars can easily re-create this trailer's awesome antics.

With a name yet to be announced for this mysterious Star Wars adventure, LucasArts has stated that it is "the first entry into a new series of Star Wars titles," taking place between Episode III and Episode IV. So it looks like we won't be swinging our 'sabers again as Kyle Katarn in another Jedi Knight sequel.

Above: This stunning image suggests even gigantic objects - like a Star Destroyer - are subject to your psychic force

We already know how fantastic this sort of psychic physics action can be - remember the criminally ignored Psi Ops? If not, you owe it to yourself to experience its amazing paranormal gameplay, and give yourself an idea of how exhilarating this next-gen Star Wars game could be.

LucasArts is planning to unveil more on this exciting new title soon (including why Jedi are using Force Lightning), so keep your eyes on GamesRadar for updates.