Star Wars Redemption is a stunning fan-made game with a demo out now

Star Wars Redemption
(Image credit: Square Phoenix)

A group of Star Wars fans have made a stunning game set in the Clone Wars.

Just below, you can check out the complete reveal trailer for Star Wars Redemption, a new game made by a group of fans under the moniker 'Square Phoenix'. The game itself has been created using the Unreal Engine 4, and follows a Jedi warrior fighting alongside clone troopers during the Clone Wars period of the Star Wars saga.

In the trailer above, we can see the Jedi fighting against the Droid army of the Separatist forces, which you'll no doubt recognise from the prequel-era Star Wars movies. We can even see the protagonist donning a trooper-style helmet at one point, spinning and slashing their way through Droid troops with two lightsabers.

You can actually play the demo of Star Wars Redemption right now for yourself. The gameplay demo features a very small segment of the final project, where the protagonist can go around catching dragonflies. Although there were meant to be optional enemies to fight in the demo, they're not present right now because they need a little more time in the oven, according to Square Phoenix.

However, the demo isn't intended to launch on low-end computers, according to members of the development team. The development team strongly advise having at least an 1070 GTX in your PC before running the Star Wars Redemption demo. Right now, the demo has even been removed from the Artstation marketplace, due to crashing a player's PC.

In terms of pure quality though, this might be one of the best fan-made projects of an existing franchise we've ever seen. Some of the more high-profile fan-made games of the last few months include an impressive GTA 5 remake, and a Breath of the Wild demake, although Star Wars Redemption's glorious trailer really sets it apart.

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