Star Wars Jedi Survivor pre-loaders hit by multiple Steam 'unpacking' issues

BD-1 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor with a custom decal on to make him your own, captured on PS5
(Image credit: Respawn)

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players who pre-loaded the game on Steam are finding themselves unable to play the game straight away.

While some players are simply not looking forward to the substantial 140GB download, multiple posts on the series' subreddit express frustration that while the game is already unlocked and downloaded, some players are being met with 'Unpacking' messages that suggest it'll be another long wait until they're able to play. One PSA tells players to account for the delay, pointing out that the unpacking process takes up a lot of disk space, and will go faster if you can free up more room on the disk.

Unpacking occurs because pre-loads allow access to an encrypted version of a game, preventing players from getting in before they're supposed to. When release comes around, Steam will starts decrypting your game through the client, and while download might have been fast thanks to a speedy internet connection, unpacking a file can take significantly longer based on the speed of your hard drive.

Partitionwizard suggests that you can speed things up by setting Steam's priority to high, or deleting files in the depotcache. You'll also want to make sure you have at least 30GB of space on your SSD, or consider an upgrade if you're still running an HDD.

Our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review suggests that while unpacking may take a while, the game itself will be worth the wait - despite PC performance issues that Respawn says it's working on.

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