Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order droid details confirm all the ways BD-1 will be your new best friend

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lets you play as a former Padawan named Cal Kestis, but the real star of the show is his droid friend BD-1. The little chicken-walking robot is adorable devoid of any context, then you watch the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay from EA E3 2019 and see how the little fella rides around on Cal's back and pops out healing items to help him recover after a fight… and you know, you just know, that BD-1 is going to be your best friend.

The indispensable droid companion is a fixture of Star Wars stories, always lending an input device whenever their organic friends are in need. Respawn Entertainment game director Stig Asmussen explained how BD-1 will help out Cal, and also how he was inspired by a friendly robot from another Respawn game.

"Storywise, he's Cal's companion. He's an explorer droid, which is perfect because Cal's on this mission for survival that's taking him to all these savage planets. BD stands for Buddy Droid 1 - definitely inspired by BT [the AI-powered mech from Titanfall 2] but the name ended up sticking. One of the cool factoids is that his voice is authored by the legendary Ben Burtt, main sound designer of the original trilogy and beyond. He can hack doors, computers as we saw there [...] scan the environment for environmental storytelling, learn more lore about the planet."

Asmussen also explained that BD is able to eject a stimpack for Cal to use whenever he wants, which will help heal his injuries. There are two limits, though: BD can only carry so many stimpacks, which means you'll have to search for more, and you're totally defenseless while you're using them. If you get cut down by a Purge Trooper while you're healing up, don't blame it on your poor little droid friend.

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