Star Wars fans debate which characters would make good Jedi

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Another day, another Star Wars debate. This time, the galaxy far, far away's fandom isn't discussing the merits of zips, whether spinning is actually a good trick, or that major Mandalorian moment involving the Darksaber. Instead, Star Wars fans are asking the question: who else would make a good Jedi?

In a Reddit post, one fan prompted the Star Wars community to "name a non-Star Wars fictional character that can also be a Jedi." The OP kicked things off with Gandalf, because of his "patience and strategic mind" as well as his "ability to be diplomatic." Both important qualities for a Jedi, to be sure. 

Not everyone is in agreement, though. "Gandalf becoming a Jedi would be a power downgrade. Now Aragorn being a Jedi, that I could see," says one Redditor

Another fan thinks The Matrix's Neo is a good bet, with a supportive comment pointing out that "he's the chosen one." A meeting between Neo and Anakin Skywalker is something we would definitely like to see. 

Someone else is looking to Game of Thrones for inspiration: "Brienne of Tarth would for sure make a great Jedi. Definitely Knight material if not Master."

One particularly unique pick comes from Disney's animated hit Moana. "Moana's grandmother, Tala. Communes with animals ala Obi-Wan, dies and turns into a Force ghost to come back and aid her apprentice in her darkest hour of need. Totally a Jedi."

Other names who pop up in the conversation are The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia, Peter Parker, Stranger Things's Eleven, Link, Optimus Prime, Mr. Miyagi, Paul Atreides, Blues Clues's Steve (yes, really), and even The Big Lebowski's The Dude. All solid choices, we have to say. 

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