Star Wars Battlefront's speeder bike chases look better than the movie

Before you watch this new video of Star Wars Battlefront's speeder bike chases, take a moment and think back to the Tatooine level in Shadows of the Empire. Remember trying to guide your chunky swoop bike through grainy streets, firing at a bunch of pixels in the horizon that you think might be a bad guy... ok, now watch the video.

There's just one problem. DICE is putting so much effort into making authentic recreations of moments from the original trilogy, but these speeder bikes look and move way better than they did in Return of the Jedi. I wonder if the studio ever considered putting a slightly unnatural superimposed effect on the bikes and their riders to complete the '80s special effects look.

If you want to see more, EA and DICE just published the Star Wars Battlefront Planet Experience, which is full of video snippets and factoids from across the game's first four worlds. Watch that Battle of Jakku teaser and you'll be all caught up on your Battlefront geography.

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Connor Sheridan

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