Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection controversy grows as modder claims their work was used without credit and then removed: "I'm beginning to feel insulted"

A screenshot from Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection.
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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection hasn't had what anyone could call a good start, launching with major server issues and an enormous file size around eight times the size of both original games put together. Now, though, it's also been claimed that there's another large problem – allegedly, the collection launched with fan-made mod content included, which hasn't been credited. 

Concerns were raised by modder iamashaymin on Twitter, who alleges that mod content they'd made for the PC version of the original Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was included in the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch versions of the collection at launch, before being swiftly patched out. Specifically, the PS5 version appeared to use their mod, which brought the Xbox-exclusive character Asajj Ventress over to the PC version as a reskin of Aayla Secura, who uses noticeably different attacking animations. 

Thanks to these different-looking animations, it was reported on Reddit that Ventress didn't look quite right at the Classic Collection's launch. Responding to this, the modder says: "It should be noted I am not credited on this version or any version of the Classic Collection."

Ventress Doesn’t Have OG Animations from r/StarWarsBattlefront

Later, iamashaymin shared footage of Kit Fisto, another of the formerly Xbox-exclusive Battlefront 2 characters that they'd modded into the PC version, allegedly running on the Nintendo Switch version of the re-release. 

"Seriously, Aspyr I’m beginning to feel insulted. Nintendo Switch launched with just straight up all my hero stuff from my mod. Same glitches and bugs," they state on Twitter. "We’ve datamined it and it’s the exact same files just using the proper lightsaber attack [animations]. (This is before patch)."

They also shared screenshots of their own adaptation of Kit's projectile move to compare it to the Classic Collection's. "It is hard to make out in the video since it is in motion, but trust that it is the same," they add.

On Steam, the modder claims that Aspyr "patched [the mod files] out quickly." However, they're frustrated since Aspyr previously said in a statement to IGN that it wouldn't be including any uncredited content in its final release (a concern flagged after the content was allegedly spotted in a pre-release trailer). At the time, the developer said: "When capturing placeholder footage for our announcement last fall, we mistakenly included content that is not in the product, and that mistake made it into the final cut. 

"The upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection does not include any code or content that is taken from uncredited sources."

Speaking to IGN, iamashaymin adds that they "never had issues with them using my mod" but after Aspyr's response, "not crediting the source is an issue. Not because I demand credit but just on the credibility of Aspyr. How can fans trust a company which doesn’t seem to value the fans' passion?"

GamesRadar+ has reached out to Aspyr for comment on the situation, but is yet to receive a response. 

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