Star Wars Battlefront alpha gameplay and details leak

Star Wars Battlefront alpha gameplay videos have begun to trickle onto the Internet's various video services, like a flood of digital midi-chlorians connecting us all to … oh, hold on, several Star Wars fans are telling me that "We don't talk about the midi-chlorians." Well in any case, the PC alpha test of Battlefront seems to be underway, and a few videos have been uploaded by players.

Here's an amateur - which is to say, not EA or DICE - view of the large-scale firefight on Hoth, which you can watch at 60fps if you turn up the video settings:

Another video shows the survival mode that takes place on Tatooine, and gives us a teensy glimpse at how setting up your loadout will work. Right now, it appears that utility items such as shields and jump packs are categorized into a "hand" slot, which allows players to use up to three abilities, power-ups and the like. Check it out:

Being an alpha, it's possible, even somewhat likely, that things you see in these videos will change by the time Star Wars Battlefront comes out on November 17. It's also somewhat likely that these videos may not stay up for long. After all, even the Force is no match for copyright protection.

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Sam Prell

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