Star Wars Battlefront adds Rogue One heroes, villains, and the planet Scarif on December 6

Star Wars Battlefront has one more batch of content up its sleeve, and any Star Wars fans looking forward to Rogue One are sure to be pleased. The Rogue One: Scarif DLC pack is all set to add Rebel hero Jyn Erso, Empire hero Orson Krennic, and of course, the planet Scarif on December 6. And I'm gonna be honest, it looks pretty great:

Now, we won't know how good Rogue One (the movie) or Rogue One (the DLC) are until we're further along into December, but at least visually this is something new. And hey, if the movie turns out to be garbage, you can always use Battlefront to remake it the way you would've wanted things to go down.

Rogue One: Scarif will be available to season pass holders first on December 6, and will be available to other players at a later date.

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