Star Wars: Episode 9 leaked concept art shows new characters and old favorites

Take it with a big pinch of Reddit salt, but a seemingly legit Star Wars 9 concept art has appeared online, showing some old favorites and revealing more about new characters like Richard E. Grant's "First Order officer." Possible spoilers below.

The image was uploaded by Redditor JediPaxis, who has this to say about their origins:

"These images come courtesy of a source who has previously provided me information on previous films that were eventually proven to be correct. This individual wishes to remain anonymous (for fairly obvious reasons) and that's why I'm posting this on his behalf. The images have been compiled into a collage with the unimportant sections of each image having been altered in an attempt to obscure where/who they came from."

JediPaxis also notes that the images fit with a report from Jason Ward - editor of MakingStarWars - about Rey's hairstyle and Lando's costume. 

Crucially, the leak puts at least a job title to Richard E. Grant's mystery casting, suggesting he could be General Hux's new right-hand man. There are new aliens too, and a new droid who will "annoy" the fan-favorite BB-8. 

There's so much speculation to be had from the image that it's going to keep fans busy for a while, which might just help kill some time before the movie's released on December 20, 2019. 

Get ready to add your own ideas to the best Star Wars theories you need to know about for Episode 9.

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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