Star Trek site goes viral

We’ve had the text description, the dodgy You Tube camera phone version and even a few tiny videos handed out to websites here and there.

But the Star Trek teaser is finally online in full, glorious HD and you can find it at the official site . For all those who are still concerned as to the whole “Enterprise built on Earth? WTF?” situation… Roberto Orci has been talking about the trailer and other Trek topics.

And now, if you head back to the official site, you’ll notice a little red blinking light next to the words “under construction. Click it and ,it leads you here to an extra, Cloverfield-inspired set of video cameras streaming images from the teaser. Focus the cameras using the slider underneath, but also stick around to see that the “malfunctioning” camera (it changes randomly each time you visit) flashes up a brief image of one of the ship’s corridors. Oh, JJ. You tease…

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