Star Trek series teaser shows a new logo, planets and... space

You can't accuse CBS of spoiling the upcoming Star Trek series. The network debuted the first official teaser for its small-screen reboot as part of Upfronts week, even though filming's not started and no-one's actually been cast in the series. That's not stopped a minute-long trailer from hitting the web! What's it include if there's no footage? Check it out for yourself... 

That final shot of the logo looks like a polished version of the one used in the big-screen reboots. Meanwhile the tagline "New crews. New villains. New heroes. New worlds" seems intent on making sure we know: this is new Star Trek. Except, it isn't really. The show is supposedly returning to the franchise's timeline before J.J. Abrams splintered off into alternate worlds with the 2009 film.  

In that regard, it's old school Trek, but it'll have a new flavor to it due to the addition of Hannibal's Bryan Fuller. He co-created the show with The Wrath of Khan's Nicholas Meyer, and is serving as showrunner. He'll be getting help from Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer Alex Kurtzman and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's son, Rod, both of whom are executive producing.  

That's a wedge of Trek talent behind the scenes, which begs the question, err... who's going to be appearing in it? With shooting scheduled to start later this year, it might be a while until we hear any new updates. The series will debut in full on CBS' new streaming service CBS All Access in 2017. 

Images: CBS 

Gem Seddon

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