Star Trek Online on PS4 and Xbox One? Make it so.

Star Trek is about to boldly go where millions of gamers have gone before: the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment have announced that your very own starship and a galaxy's worth of planets to explore will be available when Star Trek Online launches for consoles later this year.

Originally launched in 2010 on PC, STO has gone through many changes in its time. Thankfully, those changes will be reflected on console. Players will get access to every update, two expansions, and a revamped graphics engine to help make the game feel as modern as possible. Story content and playing to level cap is free as well, so it won't hurt you to give it a try.

Fans of Star Trek: Voyager are in for a particular treat, as the latest expansion introduced Seven of Nine, Harry Kim, Neelix, and Tuvok into the game. I think there's only one thing to say at this point: make it so. 

Sam Prell

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