Star Ocean 2 remake combines lovely 2D and 3D graphics

Star Ocean: The Second Story R
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Star Ocean 2 remake is real, and it's launching later this year on November 2.

Square Enix unfortunately leaked the Star Ocean 2 remake last week, uploading a new visual on their website that strongly hinted at the forthcoming remake being in the works. Now, we finally know Star Ocean: The Second Story R is real, and it's arriving on PC, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch platforms on November 2.

What's arguably the most intriguing thing about Star Ocean: The Second Story R is that it's combining 3D backgrounds and landscapes with 2D pixelated characters. It's almost combining the best of both worlds really, a riff on the "2DHD" format that Square Enix has pioneered with games like Octopath Traveler over the last few years.

And yes, this is technically the second remake of Star Ocean 2. The Second Evolution R was the first remake of Star Ocean 2, but that was a PSP-exclusive game that launched all the way back in 2008, a decade after the game originally launched, and never made it to any other platforms. Star Ocean: The Second Story R is a remake of the original 1998 release.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R follows both Claude and Rena, who come together after the former is stranded on a remote planet following a mission gone wrong. You can play as either of the two leading characters, and make story-specific decisions that'll change how the game plays out.

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