Squid Game video game rated in Australia but don't get your hopes up

Squid Game on Netflix
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The Australian ratings board has recently classified a computer game titled Squid Game Quiz... but don't get your hopes up for an ambitious video game adaptation of the recent Netflix hit. 

The classification for Squid Game Quiz slipped under the radar earlier this week, and like most ratings, it's fairly barebones. Moreover, the few details it does contain could hardly be more different from Squid Game, a psychological thriller that's equal parts battle royale and scathing anti-capitalist critique.

VoidSoftware is listed as the developer of Squid Game Quiz in Australia's rating, but while we found traces of similarly named studios online, we didn't find much in the way of game development. The Metacritic profile for Void Software, for example, contains seven games, including several quiz games apparently riffing on the IP Quiz4Kids, with the latest entry having been released in December 2014. The quiz game angle checks out, but we couldn't find any of the listed games online. 

There's also another studio called Void Software, apparently, but it's billed as a software specialist focusing on system design, cloud computing, blockchain, cybersecurity, and a whole bunch of other technical gobbledygook, none of which has much to do with games (or squids).

And we haven't even gotten to the real giveaway: the notoriously strict Australian ratings board has rated Squid Game Quiz G for General, implying content "very mild in impact." Even if you haven't seen Squid Game, you probably know it by reputation at this point, and there's no question that the impact of its content is much more than very mild. After all, it takes a lot of impact force to blow up somebody's head. You could argue that a simple quiz game may not be that graphic in and of itself, but if this was an official Squid Game game, you'd think its rating would be cranked up a few notches just by association. 

We don't know what Squid Game Quiz really is, assuming it actually exists and will one day be a playable computer game, but it's definitely not what you'd probably picture upon hearing the words "Squid Game video game". 

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