Square Enix unveils new games

PSP owners and next-gen gamers will be treated to their own Square Enix-crafted RPG, it has been revealed.

Final Fantasy Dissidia is heading to Sony's handheld, probably next year, its existence confirmed by the creation of an official website. Meanwhile brand new creation The Last Remnant will likely end up on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, given that it'll be using developer Epic's 3D-tastic Unreal Engine.

According to info printed in the most recent issue of Game Informer, The Last Remnant will follow Square Enix's tradition of turn-based RPG-ery. But it will act as a totally new creation, not an offshoot of existing SqEnix games.

Most interestingly, the game's pair of heroes are aimed at pleasing both gamers from East and West. Rush will be a traditional, Japanese-style hero (think floppy hair, metrosexual wardrobe and girlishly thin arms) while The Conqueror will be a more mysterious, darker character (think glowering eyebrows, Robert Pires hair and manicured stubble).

March 8, 2007