Marvel's Avengers update fixes PS5 crashing without deleting your save

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Update: Square Enix has released an update that addresses the issue of Marvel's Avengers crashing on PS5.

Up until now, the only official solution from Square Enix required you to reset your campaign progress, which obviously isn't ideal. Thankfully, there's a new patch out that specifically targets the issue described below.

"We have released an update on PS5 that addresses the crash issue that some players have been having," reads a tweet from the official Marvel's Avengers account. "Please let us know if you continue to have the problem."

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Original story follows...

Some Marvel's Avengers players are experiencing crashes on PS5, and Square Enix has an unorthodox fix while we wait for an official patch.

Square Enix acknowledged the issue on Twitter, saying there's a proper solution in the works. "We think we've identified a fix that is currently being implemented/tested," reads the Twitter update. "We hope to have more news by tomorrow morning and will continue to keep you updated."

With news on a fix coming potentially as early as tomorrow morning, folks experiencing crashes on PS5 probably won't need to wait too long to get back into the game uninterrupted. But if you're really, really desperate to play Marvel's Avengers on PS5 today, Square Enix says there's a workaround that some players are having success with, but it'll cost you your campaign save file.

"In the meantime, here's a workaround that is resolving the issue for some players - just note that it will reset your campaign progress," reads a follow-up tweet.

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Just to be crystal clear, this solution will delete your Marvel's Avengers save file, probably permanently. There's also no guarantee this will work, though some players are reporting success. But if for some reason you just can't wait, here's what you can try if the game is crashing on PS5. 

According to Square Enix, you'll want to go to Operations and reset your campaign progress. Create a new save file and start the game, and then immediately press the center button on your controller to open up the PS5's home screen and force close the game. Square Enix says that should resolve the issue.

Again, if you can wait, it's best to hold out for a patch that fixes the issue without wiping your progress. We've reached out to Square Enix for a timeframe on the patch and we'll update this article if we hear back.

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