Square Enix announces Project Triangle Strategy for 2022, demo available now

Project Triangle Strategy
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix has revealed Project Triangle Strategy, a new tactical RPG in the HD-2D series with Octopath Traveler graphics. Announced during today's 50-minute Nintendo Direct, Project Triangle Strategy (working title) is launching on Switch in 2022, and there's a demo you can download from the eShop right now.

Project Triangle Strategy features a turn-based, grid tactics battle system where you use your terrain and allies to your advantage. For example, you can extend the range of your attacks by equipping a long-range bow and getting on higher ground to get the drop on a far-off enemy. You can also use magic to manipulate environments and increase your attack range; there's a scene in the trailer that shows a character use fire to burn down a cottage. Finally, allies will afford opportunities to stage coordinated attacks where you might bump an enemy into the range of an ally for a clutch follow-up attack.

The story will be affected by dialogue choices you'll make in conversation with NPCs. You'll earn points for utility, morality, and liberty to tilt the "scales of conviction." You'll then use information you've gathered throughout the story to attempt to persuade NPCs to join your cause and cast votes that angle the story in your preferred direction. The votes cast by those you talk with will have a critical affect on the outcome of your story in Project Triangle Strategy.

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