Spy Hunter gets into gear

Friday 4 August 2006
Midway's long-running Spy Hunter series is getting a shot of star power for its September return, as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gets behind the wheel of the Interceptor for Nowhere to Run, which will be released for PS2 and Xbox.

The new game is a spin off of the SpyHunter movie, which will be released next year and, as the action film won't be exclusively car based, Nowhere to Run won't be either as there will be bike, boat and combat sections as well.

The Rock plays Alec Decker, an ex-fighter pilot turned government agent who is given the task of saving the world from an evil terrorist, and this is achieved in a very Rock-like manner with the one-time WWE star being able to crack skulls with his fists or blast the enemy away with impressively diverse arsenal.

The Interceptor will also have a few new tricks including a Salvo mode which is a lot like the Dead Eye feature in Red Dead Revolver, as it slows down time, allowing the gamer to aim at several targets then take the shots in a blink of an eye when the action springs back to full speed.

Each of the vehicles - the boat, bike and car - have four weapons ready to use at any time, with rear attacks mapped to the shoulder buttons so you can use mines, oil slicks and missiles on your pursuers. Basically the game has been designed to impress those who love big cars, big explosions and big men kicking in smaller ones. How can it possibly fail?