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Sponsored: Unboxing EVE Online's new Collector's Edition

EVE Online celebrated two huge milestones in May. Not only did it become one of the few MMOs to pass the decade mark, celebrating its 10-year anniversary, it also expanded into a full universe with the launch of DUST 514, a separate game that connects directly into EVE Online. To celebrate, CCP is releasing an awesome new collector's edition package, stuffed with a ton of in-game and physical goodies to help new players and veterans alike cruise through the next 10 years in style.

Thankfully, you don't need your own spacesuit, lab coat, or Icelandic accent to open up an EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition Box and inspect all of the items inside. You can find the full list of internals at the bottom of this post, but we wanted to highlight just a few of our favorites up front.

1. The Rifter USB Port

Whether you're more interested in the crazy-detailed model of the Minmatar Rifter or in the magical ability to turn one USB port into four, you're going to be happy that CCP merged the two. This little guy (178m x 178mm x 51mm) sits beautifully on your desk, ready for hand-held flights with an LED-lit cockpit and powered by whatever sound effects you can mumble without being overheard by co-workers or roommates. And when some boring practical person demands an explanation for your "toy," you flip it around and show them the USB ports. You've been soundly rebutted, Mr. Buzzkill.

2. The Mystery Code

It's been scientifically proven that it is impossible to resist mystery prizes. Scientifically proven. That's why we can't take our eyes off of the "Mystery Code" bundled inside this box. CCP's already revealed a few of the things it unlocks for you, including an exclusive ship in their upcoming space dogfighting game, EVE: Valkyrie—one of the most exciting Oculus Rift games we've seen so far—and an exclusive cybernetic arm in EVE Online. Plus, there's still more mystery content waiting to be announced that'll be released over the next decade, just like the fancy title on the box promises. We simply must have it, whatever it is.

3. Danger Game

This zany board game was originally made by the small founding team at CCP in 1997 (as Hættuspil) to help fund their development of EVE Online, and quickly became a smash hit in Iceland. However, its scarcity and the inability of most of the world to read Icelandic have made it a bit of a legend within the EVE community. For the first time ever, it's been translated to English and given a full makeover with new art and a fancy, stylish box. Now we can all gawk at the outrageous characters depicted by CCP devs, and even the now-Mayor of Reykjavik, who reprises his role as "Granny." You're not a true EVE Online fan until you've played this game at least once.

Those are three favorite things in EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition, but there are plenty more. We've got the full list from CCP's website below, and if you feel like having your own unboxing party, you can purchase the collector's edition from their website right now.

Physical Items

  • “Into the Second Decade” A fully-illustrated history book celebrating the EVE universe from creation to the integration of DUST 514. This 192 page Hard-back book, 285mm x 230mm, is filled with high quality imagery.
  • “Minmatar Rifter” combat frigate. This finely crafted and detailed model (178mm x 178mm x 51mm) is also a 4-port USB hub bringing one of the most popular ships in EVE history to life for your desktop. (Includes stand and usb cable.)
  • EVE Symphony Soundtrack CD, recorded live during the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra performance at Fanfest 2013. Packaged with 3 collectable ‘code’ cards in a special edition digipak.
  • A CCP “Mystery Code” that will grant owners special benefits related to future CCP products and events including: 1 x PLEX – available at launch; new and exclusive “Phanca” Cybernetic Arm – coming November 19; exclusive “Templar MkII Prototype Fighter” for EVE: Valkyrie – coming 2014; more Mystery Code content will be announced soon!
  • “Danger Game”, the board game created by the founders of CCP to help fund the development of the original EVE Online release, now translated to English for all to enjoy. With fully updated artwork it is packaged in a commemorative Collector's Edition tin.

Digital (EVE Online)

A war chest of ships and virtual swag to celebrate the occasion for everyone from the rares collector to the fly-in-style pilot.

  • “The Golden Pod”, radiate luxury during your shipless excursions in this polished gold makeover of the iconic capsule
  • Gnosis Battlecruiser Blueprint, a five-run blueprint copy of the impressive 10th anniversary gift ship.
  • “Time Capsule”, in-game collectibles celebrating lore, memes, and memorable moments
  • “Tash-Murkon Magnate”, the popular Amarr exploration frigate with a striking new skin
  • New account CD Key with 60 days of game time
  • Exclusive in-game clothing that's sure to inspire fear, jealousy, and embarrassment in the lesser-dressed

Digital (DUST 514)

Blind your enemies with the reflection of their defeat in your shining Amarr dropsuit while unleashing a torrent of pain from your new arsenal of weapons. These EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition items are permanent gear, requiring no restocking or replacement.

  • Amarr "Templar" Assault Dropsuit
  • Amarr "Templar" Logistics Dropsuit
  • Amarr "Templar" Heavy Dropsuit
  • Amarr "Templar" Scrambler Rifle
  • Amarr Scrambler Pisto
  • Amarr Laser Rifle

The article you just read was sponsored and paid for by CCP Games.