Splinter Cell open-world stealth game reportedly in development at Ubisoft

Sam Fisher
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A new Splinter Cell rumor claims that the next outing for Sam Fisher will be a stealth-powered open world game.

Tom Henderson, who previously shared a number of details about Battlefield 2042 ahead of its official announcement among numerous other leaks, briefly touched on the future of the Splinter Cell franchise. Rumors from October claimed that a new Splinter Cell was in early production at Ubisoft, but they didn't include any more details about the game beyond it being a new mainline entry in the series. 

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Henderson specifically refers to the Splinter Cell as being "in early development," so he's likely talking about the same thing. He says it will be an "open world of sorts" and cites a few anonymous quotes, presumably from people who are close to the project, who compare the new Splinter Cell project to a stealthier version of Assassin's Creed or similar to Halo Infinite's own open-world approach.

While series protagonist Sam Fisher has continued to appear in spinoff games or via cameos in other Tom Clancy's titles from Ubisoft, the last main entry in the franchise was 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. That game took the franchise in a more action-heavy direction, which was controversial at the time, and online servers for its multiplayer mode are largely broken at this point (though you definitely won't be banned for sending in support tickets about them).

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