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Splinter Cell Conviction Deniable Ops Guide

First Stage

Above: Poor guy.

Surprisingly enough this is easier than the previous level. All ten of the enemies are right out in the open. To find good vantage points you will have to climb up on the platforms in the central plaza, there is one enemy hidden in a corner to your extreme left and a few of them on a corner to the right as you come up the stairs. Finding them is harder than killing them.

Second Stage

Above: One, two, three headshots. Ah, ah, ah!

Try to start this level with a Mark and Execute charge ready. There is a pair of enemies standing to your left as you walk down the first hall and they’re easily felled by this ability. When these two and the lone security guard in the next room are taken out you’ve secured your starting area. After taking these two out you will have to cross a brightly lit lobby. It’s best if you can lure the enemies that are in it over to your side of the building and take them out in safety. There are some enemies in an upper room across from you who will see you if you try to do anything too fancy. But be careful that there are no guards in the lobby, sometimes the game likes to throw a few down there to mess with you.

Third Stage

Above: Cleaning up the courtyard.

The first thing you will want to do is make your way up the stairs and over to the door here. There’s an enemy you can grab to get your Mark and Execute charge.

With your Mark and Execute all set you’re ready to cross the courtyard. There are at least two enemies on the lower level and there are at least two enemies on the upper level. Another enemy will be found walking up and down the stairs on occasion. Take this area slow; using your Mark and Execute on the biggest group of enemies you can get together. Once you clear this area there’s just a few stragglers between you and the exit.

Fourth Stage

Above: Getting the last of the soldiers.

This is a small stage with only two big areas to its name. Unfortunately both of those areas are fairly problematic. If you still have a Mark and Execute you can simply shoot people in the head to get rid of them. There’s one after you open the door, right across from you, and four walking around in the gallery below. If you don’t have a Mark and Execute, there’s one man in a corner near the turret controls, at the bottom of the stairs. You can leap over the railing and quickly take him out to get a charge.

With that charge try to wait until three of the men congregate together, mark them all and take them out. Be sure that nobody sees you do this or the five enemies left will become fifteen which is just a pain in this small of an area. Also be sure to avoid that turret like the plague – disarm it by activating the controls and then exiting.

Above: Yes there’s a lot of them.

The next large room is a bit easier to handle. There are hiding spots so if you can shoot out the light on one side of the room, slip in and melee one of the enemies you shouldn’t have a problem taking out two or three of them with the Mark and Execute. Then it’s just a matter of cleaning up the remaining few and getting out of the level.

Fifth Stage

Above: Take him out to end the level.

There are two difficult parts to this stage, the very beginning and the very end. Even if you need supplies don’t bother refilling when you reach the stash, keep running forward. Open the door, run outside and melee the soldier here to get another Mark and Execute charge. Now go wide, around the outside of the level and leap over the railing, following it around to avoid the turret. Jump on top of the balcony when the turret is facing away and sprint forward to the far end, past the turret’s 180 degree view field.

At the very end of the level there will be five enemies and a turret to get around. Two of the enemies move together at intervals so you can easily take them both out but the other three pose an issue especially since one is hanging out near the turret. Try to find a point where you can melee the man in the middle since he’s the only one that’s easily gotten to. When the others find his body creep up towards them and use a Mark and Execute to finish the level off.