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Splinter Cell Conviction Deniable Ops Guide

While not actually a very hard game mode Last Stand can be very, very annoying to play solo. Many of the levels have the EMP device you’re guarding in a position where it can be shot at from multiple levels, meaning you will have to constantly be trying to deal with various locations at the same time. There are a few ways to mitigate the frustration that this causes, although the easiest way to do so is to play this mode two-player. It’s actually quite the game changer and strategizing between the two of you will shape how easy your game is.

Above: Get up ya lazy bum.

Playing this with a friend will seriously minimize the frustration factor. Since you can revive each other you will want to have one person be the noise maker and the other one the shooter. Make sure that your load-outs compliment each other, for example the two of you don’t need remote mines at the same time unless the level has multiple floors. One person should have two silenced weapons while the other has a shotgun or machine gun / assault rifle. Flash bang grenades and / or EMP grenades will help out as well. With that setup you’ll be prepared for the enemies, so have the noisemaker set up somewhere off to the side, or on a higher level, while the stealthy guy stays near the EMP.

When the round starts the stealth user will be running around the room and taking out enemies in melee as well as using Mark and Execute on further away enemies to take them out faster. The second person should act as a sniper, taking out far away targets with his pistol and knocking out people in melee if they get close enough for him to do so. In between rounds it will help if you destroy every available light source so that you can move without danger of being spotted. This goes for both players even the one who wants to be noticed. You only want the enemies to notice him when it’s convenient for you.

Early on there will be no reason to waste your mines or grenades but for later levels it will behoove the stealth user to place a few and use them to knock out enemies who get too close to the device. If the location has multiple floors then the noisemaker can place a few as well during later waves. The main trick is that enemies will start coming out in large numbers, four or five at a time, and they will need to be taken out quickly before they deal too much damage to the EMP. PAGE END If too many enemies are hitting it, then the noisemaker pulls out his big gun and gets their attention. When they turn their attention to him the other player can keep on taking out the foes on the ground. This will confuse the enemies and allow you to cut through them rather mercilessly. Just be careful to hide if you’re getting too hurt, since the distance between you and your partner will almost guarantee that one of you going down is game over.

Above: Time to draw their attention.

The EMP will recover health in between waves, recovering either to 100% or 50% depending on how damaged it is. If it has more than 50% health left then it will refill back to full health in between rounds. But once that health bar has dipped into the red you will be left trying to get through the rest of the waves with that gimped health. Do your damndest to make sure that doesn’t happen, even if that means one of you gets shot up. Much of your ability to succeed in this mode is figuring out where the enemies are coming from and responding quickly to it.

Get used to how the enemies move, and know when it’s time to interfere and when it’s time to stay hidden. It’s a fairly simple game mode but it can be pretty hellish on the higher difficulties. The later waves are particularly rage inducing if you’re trying them solo. Unlike Hunter and Infiltration there’s no need for individual map tips. You’re going to always have to change your strategy based upon how big the map is, where enemies come from and if there’s two of you or not. As such try to play a game once on each map to learn this information before you try it for real. There may also be ways to help yourself out in a bad situation, like dropping chandeliers on people or blowing up explosive barrels. Save those for when things really get bad.