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Splinter Cell Conviction Deniable Ops Guide

First Stage

Above: Shoot one and leap on the other.

• While this first stage may be easy the guards are also very sensitive. If you are caught even for a short time they will automatically call up reinforcements or if they see you shoot one of their buddies so be careful. Use the trucks and the scaffolding to get the jump on your foes.

• If reinforcements should happen to be called try hanging out in the first large room, on top of the scaffolding near the far wall. Up here you are very well hidden and any enemies who come into the room will put themselves in your line of fire.

Second Stage

Above: Taking three guards out.

• From the start here you can either go left or right. Left will take you into a bathroom where there’s almost always one guard while going right takes you to the cubicles. Often a trio of guards will be here waiting for you. If you have an M&E go to the right and try to get all three in one go otherwise go for the guard in the room and then come back for them, getting as many as possible.

• The rest of the enemies are split up as follows: Three enemies on the ground level, two on the upper walkways in the second area and one in an office on the upper level in the second area. They’re usually spread out across the floor though so you shouldn’t have any difficulty taking one out and using the charge to perform an M&E, getting to the rest of the enemies rapidly.

Third Stage

Above: Here’s where he hides.

• Much of this stage is constructed out of super Sonar proof technology. As such don’t expect your goggles to be much of any help at the beginning of this stage. It has a hard time going through the printing presses and the walls.

• The first floor is often guarded by three soldiers but their locations vary wildly. Often there is at least one soldier to the right, one to the left and one hiding all the way in the back behind the blind corner. Try to pick off the enemy on the right since he’s out in the open, then the left and finally go to melee the last guy. As you’re doing this be mindful of the upper level and check for guards up there before moving.

• Once you’ve taken out the guards on the upper level then you’re basically done. Just use your vantage point to find the last guards and take them out.

Fourth Stage

Above: Snipe the first one to draw others over.

• Not exactly a hard area but it’s very easy to get caught with your pants down. The first four enemies are usually easy enough to take out; three can often be reached from the entrance door while a final one will come to investigate the dead bodies. Just be very mindful of that turret.

• The next room contains five to six enemies moving on three different levels, depending on the random dispersion, so approach with caution. If you approach the room from the first floor you can climb up onto the ledge in front of you for a better vantage to snipe enemies from. Don’t go fully on the ledge, just hang there. There’s another door that can be gotten to from the first room and this one will get you onto the second level of this room. Often this is a better spot to appear if you have a Mark and Execute as there are often more enemies on the higher levels.

Above: And snipe the others from here.

• However you clear it, be very careful doing so since the guards can call for reinforcements at the drop of a hat. If you get caught in this room you will likely be sandwiched by the guards and die in short order.

Fifth Stage

Above: Move slow and shoot down enemies.

• Thankfully you get an easy final stage as your reward for this. Don’t rush forward and just take things nice and slow. There are enough hiding spots, on the ground and above, that you should never be in any real danger of being spotted. The only complication in this entire section is that the two enemies in the upper room at the far end of the factory floor are too close to kill easily. Try to get a Mark and Execute from someone nearby and take them out at the same time.