Splinter Cell Collector's Edition announced

We got word late last night from our covert operatives embedded deep with Ubisoft that a Splinter Cell Double Agent Collector's Edition is in the works for Xbox 360. If you click the Movies tab above, you'll get the briefest of samples of what kind of bonus content you can expect from the Limited Collector's Edition.

Packed with extra bits and bobs, the official Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Limited Collector's Edition (easily the longest title we've ever seen) sports the following features:

* "Covert Ops" documentary focusing on authenticity and realism of the game
* A behind the scenes look at the making of the game
* Interview with Michael Ironside, voice actor for Sam Fisher
* Multiplayer tips and tactics
* Seven mini web films
* Game trailers
* Concept art gallery
* Cool red gel slip-cover (seen above) that hides Sam's undercover identity

We've got another video featuring Technical Consultant Woodie Mister coming tomorrow, so be sure to check back then. Sure he's a little creepy, but Woodie spent a good long time keeping us all safe and now he helps make one of the most accurate and breathtaking stealth games around, so have some respect.

October 5, 2006