Splinter Cell Blacklist Spies vs. Mercs reveal trailer

Ubisoft has released the debut trailer for Splinter Cell Blacklist’s multiplayer offering, showing off the latest update to the fan favourite Spies vs. Mercs mode. It sees the stealthy, agile and deadly-in-the-shadows spies tasked with hacking data, while the heavily armoured, powerful and lethal-in-the-light mercs attempt to protect it.

Ubisoft recently announced a Wii U version of Splinter Cell Blacklist. It will launch on the previously revealed Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Splinter Cell Blacklist release date of August 20 in the US, August 22 in Europe and August 23 in the UK. We played through the early levels of Sam Fisher’s upcoming outing in January. Get our impressions in this Splinter Cell Blacklist preview.