Splatoon GAME pre-orders get proper squid headgear

Virtual hats and video games go together like ginger ale and vanilla ice cream, but Nintendo always has to be a little bit different. As such, pre-ordering a copy of Splatoon from GAME will get you an exclusive Inkling Beanie - for your real-life, actual head.

The design looks like it's modeled after the Inkling girl's luxurious sidelocks/tentacles, and it sports a prominent Splatoon logo right across the forehead. I would've stuck the logo on the back and put a pair of angry squid eyes front-and-center (so it looks like an Inkling in squid form is eating your noggin), but I'm not in charge of these things.

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Splatoon is set to release on May 29 in North America and Europe. No pre-order beanie deals have been announced for North American retailers, but at least everyone can see more of the game next week: a Splatoon Nintendo Direct will broadcast on May 7 at 7 am PDT / 3 pm BST. Check back here for more coverage closer to the presentation.

Connor Sheridan

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