Edge 279: How Nintendo's Splatoon is reinventing the multiplayer shooter

In typical fashion, Nintendo is approaching the worn-in mulitplayer shooter genre from its own idiosyncratic angle. Over ten pages, we go hands on with Splatoon and speak to the team behind the game to find out how Nintendo is preparing to make an indelible mark on this most familiar of genres. Best of all, featuring Splatoon also gave us an excuse to drench the cover in fluro orange. Edge 279 is out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio.

After that we spend some time with Yoshinori Ono, the man behind Street Fighter's revival, to discuss the two decades he's spent at Capcom in Collected Works. In Space Inventors, GameCity's Jonathan Smith talks us through the process of opening The National Videogame Arcade, the UK's first permanent dedicated cultural space for videogames. And in Hunger Games we investigate what's behind the surge of games with subsistence at their core.

Our The Making Of... this month recalls the surprising controversy over a haircut in DMC: Devil May Cry, while Time Extend sees us brush up on Clover Studio's Okami. We also take some time to visit Frictional Studios in Sweden, to discuss the studio's unique brand of horror.

In Knowledge we go heads-on with Valve's Vive and the latest version of Sony's Project Morpheus to compare the two companies' differing approaches to virtual reality. We speak to Phil Spencer, too, and find out how gaming with Windows 10 will avoid being a repeat of Games For Windows – Live and what the future holds for HoloLens. Finally, in My Favourite Game, actor Troy Baker remembers Centipede-blistered fingers and the effort that went into making The Last Of Us as good as it could be.

In Hype we spend time with Final Fantasy XV, Firewatch, Hunger, The Flame In The Flood, The Swindle, Thumper and more.

And in Play we assess Battlefield Hardline, Bloodborne, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Ori And The Blind Forest, Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush, Axiom Verge and Titan Souls.

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Edge Staff

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