Splatoon 3 sales outpace Animal Crossing and Pokemon after three days in Japan

Splatoon 3
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Splatoon 3's Japanese sales after three days are outpacing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and more.

Earlier today on September 12, Nintendo announced Splatoon 3 had surpassed 3.45 million sales throughout Japan after just three days on the domestic market. For comparison in the series, the sequel has already outsold Splatoon 2's sales in the first three months of launch in Japan.

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Looking elsewhere at Nintendo's other big launches in Japan, Splatoon 3 is well ahead of the pack. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, an absolute blockbuster release for Nintendo and one of the best-selling Switch to date games ever, only managed to sell 1.88 million copies over three days in Japan, for comparison.

At the time of New Horizons' launch in 2020, it was the single biggest launch for a Switch game ever in Japan, beating out Pokemon Sword and Shield's combined figures of 1.3 million after three days in Japan. Now, Splatoon 3 has easily outstripped both those launches by quite some stretch, actually outselling all three games combined in the first three days in Japan.

This means Splatoon 3 is ultimately the Nintendo Switch's biggest-ever game launch in Japan since the console first launched over five years ago in March 2017. We're yet to hear any launch figures from Nintendo for other regions throughout the world, but it's clear that after just a few days on the market, Splatoon 3 is a certified hit for Nintendo. 

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