Splatoon 3-dedicated Nintendo Direct is coming this week

Splatoon 3 screenshot
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A new Splatoon 3-dedicated Nintendo Direct is airing later this week on August 10.

As just revealed earlier today on August 8, there'll be a brand new Nintendo Direct airing for roughly 30 minutes later this week on August 10. The presentation will focus entirely on the upcoming shooter Splatoon 3 and will kick off at precisely 6am PT/ 9am ET/ 2pm BST.

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That means there's less than 48 hours until we're treated to a brand new look at Splatoon 3. As for what the presentation on the new game could actually be offering, there should be a substantial amount of gameplay and other details revealed in the showcase, as it's over 30 minutes in total length.

We could see more multiplayer stages, just like Mincemeat Metalworks, which was first revealed for Splatoon 3 last month in July. Set in an industrial scrapyard, this map is entirely themed around the construction of more scrap, for some unknown purpose, even though the area was apparently constructed using nothing but scrap in the first place. 

Splatoon 3 launches next month on September 9 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Before then though, there's a brand new Splatoon 3-themed Nintendo Switch OLED console launching around the world later this month in August. Complete with its very own paint-splattered Joy-Con controllers and dock stand, the new edition of the OLED console is launching a little before Splatoon 3 on August 26.

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