Spike Lee to direct Inside Man 2

Rumours have been floating around for a long time that Spike Lee and Universal have wanted to make a sequel to Inside Man. Now it looks like it’s happening.

Currently titled Inside Man 2, the sequel will again focus on hostage negotiator Denzel Washington and bank robber Clive Owen, albeit switching them to a new, tension-filled situation.

Whilst previous rumours suggested original screenwriter Russell Gerwitz would be returning, the Hollywood Reporter says that Hotel Rwanda writer / director Terry George has now been tapped to write the screenplay.

“I want the script to be even better than Russell's, and Russell wrote a really good script," Lee said. Given that the original made $175 million worldwide, you can understand him wanting to try and recapture the magic.

Will Jodie Foster’s tough-as-nails fixer crop up? Your guess is as good as ours, but we hope so.

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