Spielberg to keep Munich low key

We’ve already told you how big Steve had trouble sleeping while putting together his latest effort, so obviously in need of a little kip, he’s decided he’s not going to lose sleep whipping up a huge media frenzy.

Munich, which is released in the UK on 26 January, will avoid the usual pre-Oscar push as Spielberg looks to promote the message that it’s all about the movie.

You’ll watch the trailers in the cinema, see the posters hanging in the foyer but beyond that no premiere has been planned, no junkets pencilled in and no interviews on the schedule.

Despite the fact the post-production is moving along as planned, studio heads are set to see a screening of the movie next week and Steve’s production partner Kathleen Kennedy has yet to see a completed version.

Although the lack of traditional Oscar push could be seen as a risk, some cynics may point out that the move is likely to create even more buzz than an interview or premiere could match.