Spielberg reaches for the stars

Just a couple of weeks ago, Stevie Spielberg was all, “Waa, waa, I never get to do small, cool films like Soderbergh or George Clooney!” And he never will if he keeps on attaching himself to big projects like War Of The Worlds, Munich or this latest, a sci-fi drama.

Those who are desperate for the next Indiana Jones film can stop gritting their teeth. Though it seems like he’s waiting for every fan to die and therefore not have to make another Indy outing, this new announcement is so early – there’s not even a script yet – that it’ll be years before it’s ready to shoot.

So what is this mysterious new movie? It doesn’t have a title yet, but we do know it delves into hefty theoretical physics concerning gravity fields. Yeah, we knew that would grab you. Sounds like a slam-bang action pic to us! But wait… While it’s based on real science, the proposed script will delve into the mind-twisting area of black holes and how that could lead to looking at some unexplored physics theories. No, still not convinced.

But without a script or anything concrete yet, it remains to be seen how this could be turned into a cool movie. The Hollywood Reporter mentions a possible 2001-style approach. Looks like the beard might not have shaken his Kubrick obsession just yet…

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