Spider-Man: Miles Morales gets a 60fps ray-tracing mode

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The rumoured 60fps ray-tracing mode for Spider-Man: Miles Morales has finally arrived. The new feature arrived in a recent patch, almost a month after developer Insomniac first teased it.

As spotted by Twitter user ax_zero, the recent 262MB patch adds a new graphics mode to the game's visual settings. That mode - 'Performance RT' - "is an alternate version of the 60 frames per second 'Performance' mode, adding ray-tracing by adjusting the scene resolutions, reflection quality, and pedestrian density."

That means that you might notice a few graphical tweaks or slightly fewer NPCs on the streets of New York, but the pay-off should mean dramatically improved lighting effects without having to dip down to 30fps.

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While Insomniac seems to have dropped the upgrade with little fanfare, players have assumed that the feature was on its way for a while. Last month, just after launch, the studio replied to a tweet expressing a desire to get a 60fps version with a thinking emoji, leading players to believe that it was working on the mode behind closed doors. Given that there had been little word on it since then, however, the upgrade is likely to come as a pleasant surprise to many.

If you haven't yet tried out the wall-crawling adventure, you should. In our Spider-Man: Miles Morales review, Leon Hurley writes: "It also looks incredible, recreating a snowy New York at a near photorealistic level. There are moments in the latter half of the game, when gentle flurries set in and distant buildings fade into the weather, where the only thing that gives it away as a game is the little guy swinging past in an onesie."  

Stuck trying to complete some side-quests? Head to our Spider-Man: Miles Morales sample guide.

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