Spider-Man on PS4 gets New Game+, more photo mode options, and more Trophies to earn

Just in time for your first Spider-Man PS4 playthrough, developer Insomniac has released patches 1.07 and 1.08 which adds, among other things, the highly-anticipated New Game+ mode. This means that now you get to live your adventure through New York all over again, keeping all of the gadgets and suits you'd previously unlocked.

While you should feel free to breeze through a second playthrough and absolutely dominate New York City's criminals as a fully powered-up spider demigod, you might also consider giving the new Ultimate difficulty a try. There's a new Trophy for you either way - one for completing NG+, one for completing the game on Ultimate difficulty.

Also included in the update are new photo mode options. You'll be able to access photo mode quicker with just a tap of the d-pad, you can now rotate layers and stickers, and there have even been a few new layers and stickers added as well - including puddles. And yes, that is most definitely Insomniac being cheeky about "puddlegate," a much-mocked online rallying cry for people who thought the game's visuals had been downgraded largely thanks to the placement of a puddle in one particular scene.

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(For the record, the visuals were not downgraded, and were actually improved for final release.) Lastly, the update adds support for the first chapter of Spider-Man PS4 DLC The Heist, which arrives October 23.

Want to make an impression on miss Felicia Hardy before you help her burgle some priceless treasure? Be sure to complete all the Spider-Man Black Cat challenges. And if you want to look sharp for New Game+, be sure to check out our guide on how to unlock all Spider-Man PS4 suits. 

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