Spider-Man: India returns with a new #1 in June, reveals alternative cover

Pavitr Prabhakar is Spider-Man
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

We've known for a while now that Pavitr Prabhakar, the Spider-Man of Earth-50101, would be returning for a new Spider-Man: India miniseries in 2023, written by Nikesh Shukla and drawn by Abhishek Malsuni. Now, a few weeks ahead of #1's June release, Marvel has given us an exclusive first look at the Animation Variant Cover by artist Doaly.

Here's Marvel's official preview blurb for the new issue:

"Just in time for his big role on the silver screen, Spider-Man: India returns for his first miniseries in almost twenty years! Pavitr Prabhakar is back, fresh from "The End of the Spider-Verse" in his own universe’s Mumbai. But things aren't exactly simple. There's a science professor promising results, activating people’s "lizard brain" along with a ruthless businessman who may be more than he seems… Don't miss the break-out Spider-Character of 2023!"

Check out the full Animation Variant cover below.

The full Animation Variant Cover by Doaly for Spider-Man: India #1

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Pavitr Prabhakar was introduced back in 2005 in the first volume of Spider-Man: India, by writers Jeevan Kang, Suresh Seetharaman and Sharad Devarajan. Kang also drew that series. Pavitr's origin story is rather different to that of Peter Parker's, with no radioactive spider involved. Instead, Pavitr met an ancient yogi who granted him the powers of a spider. That said, like Peter before him, Pavitr quickly learns that with great power comes great responsibility.

The character was reintroduced last year in Edge of The Spider-Verse #3, where we saw him hopping between multiple Earths encountering different Spider-Men before finally returning to his home reality. He is set to make his big screen debut in the Across the Spider-Verse film which debuts on June 2.

Spider-Man India #1 is published by Marvel on June 14.

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