Spector: "You're not allowed to say 'story' any more"

Warren Spector and his new dev house Junction Point might not be blabbing fully about its first, top secret project yet, but it's emerged that the studio has signed a deal with Vivendi.

Reported in Game Developer magazine, the publisher is obviously happy to let Spector's creative juices flow and supports his plan for an experience that's very much story-driven.

"You don't want to know how many projects I've been told to 'just go make a shooter.' I had one publisher tell me 'you're not allowed to say 'story' any more,'" Spector stated.

"Luckily Vivendi seems to get it."

Above: Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004) is one of Spector's most well known, recent and sneaky games

He describedhis next projectas "a logical, evolutionary step from the games I've been involved with for the last twenty years or so," adding that the title "will give players tools to craft a unique experience, participate in the telling of a cool story and so on."

"I expect and hope it'll confound people who insist on plugging games into neat genres- I want people wondering if it's an action and combat game, a stealth game or a role-playing game!" Spector explained.

We await the full reveal with bated breath.

February 28, 2007