Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer guide


Class Selection

Classes unlock with each loadout slot as you rank up, but there’s nothing stopping you from using a different class in that slot. For example, you can assign a second Gunner or Medic build to the Charlie Slot that unlocks with the Breacher/Scavenger class—you do not need to have slot dedicated to any class that you don’t wish to use.

Unlocking Level 2 Class Bonuses

The enhanced class bonuses unlock as you progress through the ranks after reenlistment. Unlike perks that do “level up” with use, the level 2 class bonus is only attained through reenlistment.

The Gunner

Level 1 Class Bonus

  • 20% damage increase for self and teammates within 15m.
  • Gunner takes 20% less damage.
  • Replace sidearm with a heavy weapon.

Level 2 Class Bonus

  • 40% damage increase for self and teammates within 30m.
  • Gunner takes 40% less damage.
  • Replace sidearm and primary gun heavy weapons.

The Gunner is your basic Footsoldier who excels in close to medium-range combat. Capable of carrying a heavy weapon as a secondary weapon, this frees users from having to dedicate a slot to the Always Prepared perk.

Gunners take 20% less damage from enemy attacks, making them capable of striking out alone in Chaos matches or playing defense in Uplink or Buried. Gunners also benefit from a 20% damage increase, a benefit they share with nearby teammates. This damage increase can be particularly beneficial when paired alongside an Officer or Breacher when going after an enemy Vital Point in Buried matches.

The Exiles’ pistol damage bonus isn’t likely to factor in when playing as a Gunner, given the class’s ability to equip a heavy weapon instead of a pistol for backup.

Loadout Suggestion

Equip the two most powerful weapons you have unlocked—preferably an assault rifle alongside a shotgun or, once unlocked, the M249 SAW. There are a number of useful perks to choose from so do take your own personal style of play into account. Consider the following perks: Tactician, Commando, Weight Training, Blood Thirst, IED Expertise, or Hunter. The gunner’s inherent damage reduction bonus enables the class to choose a lighter grade of armor, thus maintaining a higher rate of speed.


Level 1 Class Bonus

  • 20% increase in self and teammate health regen rate within 15m.
  • Heal DBNO teammates 45% faster and give 5s invincibility.
  • Give teammates a 5s adrenaline boost where only headshots and explosives affect them.

Level 2 Class Bonus

  • 40% increase in self and teammate health regen rate within 30m.
  • Heal DBNO teammates 90% faster and give 10s invincibility.
  • Adrenaline boost now lasts 10s.
  • Revive dead allies as long as they haven’t respawned.

The Medic increases the health regeneration rate of all nearby teammates. Medic players can also manually inject a shot of adrenaline to a teammate, thereby giving him 5 seconds of protection from general damage other than headshots and explosives. Try to administer this adrenaline boost to teammates as they capture a Rally Point or Control Point in games of Uplink.

Lastly, the Medic can quickly heal teammates in DBNO and send them back into the fray with 5 seconds of invincibility. The best Medics tend to hang back behind cover but maintain contact with their teammates so as to provide the health regen bonus.

Loadout Suggestion

Carry an assault rifle and the best pistol you have unlocked to take advantage of the Exiles’ pistol damage bonus (unless equipping Always Prepared). Medics don’t need to be highly maneuverable so always equip the strongest armor you have unlocked. As for perks, it’s best to select those that will aid in a defensive style of play. Cover Rat is all but essential for the Medic. Other perks to consider include Resilient, Hunter, Always Prepared, and Covert.