Space Indy-Vader

Wednesday 19 April 2006
LucasArts has revealed its plans for a new Indiana Jones game, and a Star Wars title centred on Darth Vader that'll delve into the Sith lord's past.

That's not all that's on the horizon for LucasArts, however, according to Jim Ward, president of the company. Speaking to US newspaper Amherst Times, Ward talked about LucasArts' plan to become one of the top five game publishers; last year, the company was ranked 8th in terms of sales - a position it achieved despite releasing fewer games than the most of the competition.

After Mercenaries, an original game, proved a success for LucasArts, it's now looking to craft even more titles based on new ideas, and not just Star Wars. We can't deny that we want the same thing - best of luck to you, Mr Ward.