Sony’s S1 PlayStation tablet expected to come pre-loaded with PS One games

Citing two highly trusted and independent sources, Engadget has posted details on an unannounced gaming tablet from Sony. Codenamed as the “S1,” the tablet will offer a 9.4 inch screen with a 1,280x800 pixel resolution and will run on customized version of the Android Honeycomb operating system. The system will come with preloaded PS One games and will push Qriocity, Sony’s on-demand service for music, games, e-books, and videos.

But it’s the S1’s unique “wrap” design that sets it apart from the iPad and other similar devices we’ve seen so far. According to Engadget, the “wrap” design is meant to give users a sense of ownership and familiarity. It’s supposed to mimic the way you feel when you casually fold up a magazine or paperback book and stuff it in your back pocket. The adjustable and touchable interface will also let you adjust the display angle to your liking and was designed to make touch-typing more comfortable.

Above: Conecptual art for the Sony's tablet, codenamed "S1"

Above: An image that accompanied apatent application from Sony for an "electronic book with enhanced features" in May last year

So when can you expect to see the S1 and how much will it cost? According to Engadget’s sources, the S1 is scheduled to ship in September. However, that date has reportedly slipped several times. Although Sony originally planned to match the price of the iPad, the current estimation for the suggested retail price has been raised to $599.

With such a high asking price, it's doubtful that we’ll be casually tossing the S1 onto our couch or coffee table along with the daily mail (and that folded up paperback), but we certainly like the idea of producing a high-end tablet that feels more approachable and tactile than other electronic devices. New details on the S1 tablet follow a patent application submitted by Sony in May last year for a dual-screen tablet, which was described as an “electronic book with enhanced features.”


Feb 16, 2011