Sony's Project Q officially revealed as PlayStation Portal, coming this year for $199.99

PlayStation Portal
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Sony has officially unveiled its PlayStation Portal handheld device, which previously went by Project Q.

Earlier today, August 23, Sony finally pulled back the curtain on the launch details of the "PlayStation Portal remote player," which is essentially a portable option for PS5 owners rather than a standalone device. 

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The PlayStation Portal remote player will retail for $199.99 and is slated to launch later in 2023. The device boasts an 8-inch screen and is capable of video output in 1080p at 60 frames per second over remote play. 

The new device will be able to play any PS5 game that's installed directly on your console – meaning PlayStation Plus Premium cloud streaming wont work – but you'll obviously need to maintain a solid Wi-Fi connection to do so. Sony says you'll "be able to swiftly jump from playing on your PS5 to your PlayStation Portal." Additionally, there's a 3.5mm headphone audio jack for wired audio, or you can pick up a set of the new Pulse Explore wireless ear buds. 

These new ear buds are designed for use with the PlayStation Portal, and will also retail for $199.99. These aren't the only new audio devices here though, because the Pulse Elite wireless headset, seen above, is also launching later this year for $149.99, and apparently improves upon the noise-cancelling of the base model. Both audio options use PlayStation Link, Sony's new wireless audio tech said to "deliver low latency, lossless audio and easy switching between multiple PlayStation Link" devices. 

For a look at the big games you'll be able to play with the new PlayStation Portal device when it launches later this year, head over to our upcoming PS5 games guide. 

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