Sony to introduce Sixaxis control for PSP?

Sony could be cooking up a plan to allow PSP owners to control their handheld's games with the dual-analogue glory of a Dual Shock or Sixaxis controller.

A recently published patent, filed by Sony in September 2005, reveal plans to dock the PSP with a PS2 Dual Shock controller. Although it's not doing you any favors in the portability stakes, but it does solve one of the commonly brought-up complaints of the PSP: the lack of dual analogue sticks.

The 2005 patent doesn't seem that attractive a proposition, but when you consider the newly-announced PSP Slim can be plugged into a TV, it becomes a far greater prospect.

With both the PSP and Sixaxis being mini-USB devices, itseems possiblethat Sony could execute the plan withthe Sixaxis controllerinstead.

Check outthe patentfor yourself.

July 27, 2007