Sony slims up PS3 Bluetooth headset

Sony's official PlayStation-branded Bluetooth headset is up for a redesign. The new model will be slimmer, have more distinct buttons, and clearer voice fidelity.

This is the first time Sony has changed its official PS3 headset since the launch of the console.

Of course, almost any Bluetooth headset will link to the PS3. However, the one with the PlayStation logo is optimized for games with easily accessible controls, simple connectivity, and a mini USB charger, making it easy to charge the device through the PS3.

Leaked promotional material for the new version of the official PS3 headset mentions these features:

  • Advanced Features for Gaming
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Perfect Headset for Mobile Phones

While no release date has been confirmed, we do know its price. The headset will cost $50, the same price as the current model. Maybe this means the older ones will start finding their way to the clearance shelves.


Nov 3, 2010